Climate change is one of the biggest challenges our world faces. Already, the economic and health costs are significant. The change might be irreversible. Everyone, from individuals to gigantic organizations, can do their part in fighting it. Entrepreneurs can play their role in the fight against climate change. …

It promises to be the hottest of hot-button issues in the coming decade. It’s the idea that to save the planet from a dire ecological meltdown, the world’s population must stop eating so much meat.

The issue came to the fore recently when a major news network falsely reported that…

Thanks to the rapidly changing world of technology, living a sustainable lifestyle is becoming a more attainable goal by the second. While it is easy to become discouraged by the current climate situation, allow this list of technologies to give you hope on the planet’s future.

  1. Plant-Based Plastic

We are…

Vivian Qu

From San Francisco, Vivian Qu is a biotech professional and the founder of material sciences company ViaeX Technologies Inc. For more visit

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